We are are educating Christian leaders and impacting the world!

Who We Are

Agape College is a school of ministry in Little Rock, Arkansas. We provide Bible-based training to equip men and women to be outstanding Christian leaders with a biblical worldview. Read more.

Upcoming Changes

Stay tuned for exciting changes coming to the Agape College curriculum and programs.  We look forward to expanding our curriculum to bring you more of what you need to be an effective Christian leader.


Our alums are ministering in the Greater Little Rock area, the state of Arkansas, throughout the United States, and in 18 nations worldwide.  We are perpetuating a legacy of excellence city, state, nation, and world.

Educating Christian leaders like you one person at a time

Agape College is educating Christian leaders like you one person at a time.  We live in a world where Christian leaders are needed to impact their families, workplace and communities with the message of the love of God.

In an era some are calling "an era of moral anarchy" (absence of authority or leadership, absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose), the only hope for our society is an increase in Godly leadership.

Agape College exists for such a time as this.  Leaders are made.  They are trained and developed.  If you have a desire to be trained and developed into a powerful influence in your church, city, state, nation, and world, then Agape College is for you.  Helping you find your purpose and develop your leadership vision is our goal.  Enabling you to be the best you can be is our passion.  We will help you acquire a biblical worldview so that you can become a serious influence for change in our society.